Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy happy day!

Okay. So I realize that I am supposed to be catching up but I just HAVE to make a few short posts to go along with my fabulous day today. Loved every second of it.
It started out with waking up at my sisters from a little whisper in my ear... "Hey Carni, I love you :)"
I slept in little Linc's bed with him last night at it seriously was the best.
Sweetest little boy EVER.
We got up, played a little, went to the mall, visited G & G B., and then I got the awesome priviledge to take the two little dudes on a date to Arctic Cirlce.
My Mom and Dad and my sister Brooke decided to make a little surprise visit to Logan to see my cute sister Lauren for her birthday (we'll get there). I wanted to go but sadly, I had to work. BUT... I did get lucky enough to hang with these dudes for a while.
I love them.

So like I mentioned, today was my cute cute sisters birthday.
I freaking love her.
This girl is probably one of the most amazing people out there!
Sweetest, nicest, most caring, most forgiving, most thoughtful and loving person you will ever meet!
And to add to it, she is so adorable!
I couldn't ask for a better example to look up to in my life!
She has such a strong testimony of the gospel and has the most positive outlook on life!
She seriously is the best and I am so grateful that she is my sister!
Happy Birthday Laur!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!

I started a new job a week ago (I will write about it later) but I had to go to trainging tonight and it was super long!
I made friends with the cutest freaking girl ever so after work I was in the mood for something fun!
I call up a few of my awesome friends and we decided to go get some dessert at the chocolate!
Love that place.
Long story short, I have the best friends ever!
Thanks for such a fun night all you awesome people :)

Such a great day :) love every second of it!
Oh and the best part was.... SANDALS!!!!
first day of the year!!!

Hope you all had a great day :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Girls day!

A few weeks ago, all of the guys (and boys) in my family took a trip to the sand dunes.
My brother and his wife Kelly live in Centerville so she decided that since he was going to be gone all day with her two oldest boys she would come spend the day with us and bring her two youngest along!
I don't get to see them as much as I would like to, so when I do we have a lot of fun!
We went to Zupas for lunch (mmmm) and then went to Ikea!
It was quite the eventful day!

A night out with the friends

I am so far behind. Pathetic. I know.
But my plan is to catch up because I have SO much I want to write about.
Starting with the friends.
A few weeks ago Landon, Kyle, Cristian, Marissa, Bryce, Preston, and I went bowling!
I. Love. Bowling.
It is definitely one of my favorite things to do (even though I am absolutely HORRIBLE.)
And did I mention that I have the BEST friends EVER?!
Love them.
I took this picture because I freaking love her style. Favorite thing ever. And to top it off... she pulls out her wordsearch book while we are sitting in McDonalds and starts searchin away! Ha! Love.


Wow! It has been FOREVER!
I apologize.
So much has happened and life has been C R A Z Y
So just be prepared.
Never ending blog posts..
Here we go!