Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So blessed.

I know this is a little late but I have to write about  the heart results!
2 weeks ago I went and saw a heart specialist.
I was really worried about what he was going to say because the readings on the monitor were a little crazy.
We went to the IMC Hospital (that automatically makes it 10 times scarier.) for the appointment.
We met with Doctor Weiss.
He went over my readings and he told me that everything is okay.
Nothing to be worried about.
I have to admit that when he first said that I didn't really know how to react.
I was happy but I felt dumb.
I had gone to the doctor, had and EKG, wore a heart monitor for a week, did a 24 hour urine sample,and I am now sitting with a HEART SPECIALIST and it comes back as nothing?
This made me feel almost upset and I didn't say much.
He said that the cause for the weird readings is most likely stress and anxiety.
He told me that I am not drinking enough and that I need to add more salt to my diet. (weird.)
My family was so relieved but I was embarrassed.
I didn't want to have to tell people that I went through all of that for nothing.
Selfish, I know.
I think about it now and it truly is such a blessing.
It wasn't nothing.
I learned a lot from this little experience!
Life is fragile.
Every second counts.
And there is no time for regret or wasted time.
I couldn't be more grateful to be healthy and have nothing to worry about as far as everything with my heart.
I know that someone is watching out for me!
I have been following directions and trying to drink more and eat more salt and I have already noticed a difference!
Such a relief. :)

Tuesday disney movie night: Tarzan

Tonight some friends and I watched Tarzan and it made me realize how much I LOVE disney movies.
They are the best!
So I decided that this has to become our new tradition.
Every Tuesday night is disney movie night.
Back in the day we had "Blizzard Tuesday" where we all went to Dairy Queen and got blizzards every tuesday night.
It was my favorite thing ever.
A time to catch up and have a great time with everyone.
That kinda died when it got cold so here's a new one :)
I never really cared for Tarzan growing up but after watching it tonight.. it's one of my favorites :)
The story is perfect and can I just say... I love Jane!
I wish I was her.
She's so cute! Perfect smile. Funny. Yellow dress. Blue eyes. WHITE GLOVES. and she has a BABE for a man :) lucky.
Anyway, thats all about that tonight!
I will keep you updated on Tuesday Disney Movie Night!!! :)

Girls day :)

I got off work early yesterday and wanted to do something fun but different so I decided to call my 3 little nieces and inivte them over to play.
Little Ella, Hannah, and Kate came with me to the store to get treats and nail polish.
Its so fun taking little girls out.
They are SOOO different than boys!
I will admit it was a little crazy but we had so much fun and they are all so girly :) love it.
All but the part when a sweet old lady came up and told the girls how she had three little girls right in a row just like them so she knows exactly how "THEIR MOM" (grabbing my arm) feels!
Seriously lady?!?!?!?!?!
Didn't want to make her feel bad by telling her she was COMPLETELY WRONG so I smiled and got out of there!
We came back to my house and painted nails which was quite the adventure!! I should've planned a little better and just done one girl at a time but... nope. I did one hand for each of them and then the other. I'm pretty sure it took at least three times per hand per girl to get it right because to ask a little girl to sit still for more than 30 seconds and let their nails dry is a lot to ask! We also had to paint toes too!
After that we ate our treats and made little treat bags for the brothers who didnt get invited.
During all of this, we played house ( my favorite thing as a little one :)) Hannah was the Mom, Ella was the little sister, I was the big sister, and Kate was the Aunt-Mom. Haha! So cute!
After a good 2 hours we were all tired so I took girlys home!
It was such a fun night :)
I love little girls, and i'm tellin ya... I was supposed to have a little sister!
That just may have been the start of a new tradition!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Get me out of here!!!!

I am going to Logan today and I. Can't. Wait.
This week has been the longest week my life and im ready to get away!!
I can't wait to see my sis and my Logan friends!! I miss them!!
Anyway, 2:00 couldn't come faster!
So happy it's finally the weekend!
Have a great one y'all!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The men in my life.

I have so much respect for men.
Especially men who hold and honor their priesthood.
I have watched so many friends recieve mission calls lately and it amazes me.
I have so much respect for those who prepare and who are willing to sacrifice two years to serve the lord.
I am so grateful for a dad, 3 brothers, and a brother-in-law who have served missions and for corb who will be serving shortly.
I feel so lucky to have these men in my life.   
I am also so grateful for friends who are choosing to go and friends who have already gone.
Missionaries are studs. Everyone of them.
Thank you all for the amazing examples you are to me.
I couldn't ask for better men in my life!

Friday, January 13, 2012

My new obsession.

B O W L I N G.
I freaking love it. 
I am not good. Not even a little bit but I cant seem to get enough.Last week Sara and I were hanging out and we decided to go bowling just to do something different.We invited Corbin to join us and surprisingly... he accepted :)
It was so much fun!
Kind of an odd group... but we had a blast and we laughed a ton!
The next day Sara and I hung out all day and we decided to go bowling.. again :)
Just us two. 
We're so cool, we know.
Anyway, I. did. terrible.
We're talking like 70's????
And I definitely decided that was the end of my bowling career. Ha! 
But.. that definitely didn't last long.
What do ya know? 
You find me on my way to the bowling alley for the third night in a row but this time the wait was wayyyyyy too long. 
Bowling is cool people.
So cool that Sara and I decided that when I move up to Logan in the fall, we are going to sign up for a bowling class!! YES!!!
And I can't wait!
Need a fun idea to start off your weekend??? 
:) bowling.

One of those days.

Today is just one of those days.

Those sad days.
The days where you think. A lot.
I decided that I hate mornings.
Well actually I pretty much have always hated mornings.
Mornings are the time when I wake up from the perfect dream realizing it was only a dream..
and reality hits.
Mornings are the time when I have to wonder if its going to be a good day.
Mornings are the time when I feel super sensitive.
Mornings are quiet.. too quiet.
I hate having too much time to think.
But the thing I hate most is that I hate mornings.
Why do I think of mornings this way?
There is no reason.
It's a new day.
New things happen and the day is going to end up how I want it to.
Happy, sad, bad.. It's up to me.
Like my mom said today.."Mornings have promise."
..."What you put into it is what you will get out of it."
I'm going to try something new.
Become a little more positive.
Here's to a new start... A good day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The best goodbye!

I am soooooooo behind on blogging so now is my time to catch up a little!
Sorry if its a bit of a blog overload!
I haven't been feeling the greatest lately.
I get weird shaky feelings, my heart races at weird times, I faint randomly,and my body just doesn't feel normal.
I went to the doctor a few weeks ago to see what this could be and they had me do multiple tests.
They did an EKG, blood tests, a 24 hour urine test! (haha so awkward) and they had me wear a way sweet monitor for a week.
A WHOLE WEEK!!! (I really shouldn't be complaining because I've heard that a week is nothing compared to what other people have to do.)
The purpose:
Every time I felt my heart race or beat out of  rhythm, I had to push this little button and it would send a recording to the eCardio place.
If my heart did something weird without me noticing it would record on its own.
Anyway, this monitor was an ugly little thing.
It looked like a freaking pager or something like that just chillin on my hip.
There was absolutely NO way of hiding it! (Trust me, I tried. Ha!)
But I really want to know what is going on so I had no other choice than to wear it.
Nights were the worst.
I move a lot in my sleep but because I had to wear this, I was scared of pulling it off or accidentally pushing the button so I could never sleep!!!
After the longest week of my life, it finally came off! Lovely.
It left some pretty little marks on my skin where the stickers were but i'll take those any day!
The doc called last friday and said that the results show that my heart went from normal to really fast a few times and that one night in my sleep my heart was going nutso!
Its a little bit of a concern so I will be seeing a heart specialist next week!
I guess we'll see what he says!
For now, I am just happy I got to say goodbye to my little friend!
Happy day! :)

See ya later, dude!

The litte sister I never had :)

On Sunday my brother and sister left on a cruise so we babysat my little niece today.
Growing up, I always thought it would be so fun to have a little sister :)
I wanted to paint nails, do hair, and all the other girly things.
Tonight was definitely the night and I loved it!
When I got off work Kate and I went and got cafe rio for the fam.
After we finished eating we went to the store and bought some candy and cute nail polish.
When we got back,we got in our pj's, painted nails, ate out treats, and took lots of pictures!
This little girl is a doll! She's such a sweetheart and she has the cutest personality:)
So girly :)I love it.
Thanks for the fun night Katers :)