Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy day :)

15 reasons for smiling today:
1. Went to my 3 favorite classes.
2. Listened to a guest speaker speak about EXACTLY what I needed to hear.
3. Got the sweetest text from my brother-in-law. :)
4. Went to Sharp's Tarps and saw all my favorite people! I miss that place!!
5. Got to see my cute cute nephews!
6. WORKED!!! (never thougt I could be so excited to work!)
7. Got a letter :) Letters are the best.
8. Talked with my mom and corb.
9. Went to din with one of my best buds :)
10. Ate a chocolate covered strawberry...mmmmm :)
11. Laughed lots.
12. Painted my nails.
13. Babysat the little ones.
14. Took fun pictures :)
15. Sleepover at the sisters!!
Happy day. :)
Hope you all had a fabulous day!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3 latest obsessions

1. I am completely OBSESSED with painitng my nails. We're talking like 4 times a week at the least. haha. I can't stop buying nail polish either... It's beginning to be a problem a little bit but I love it!

2. The piano has become my new favorite thing. I love playing it. And I have recently decided that I am going to write a song....:) We'll see how that goes. Ha!
 3. BLOGGING!!!! I love love love it if you haven't already noticed. I am a little bit of a slacker which is a bad thing because then i like to catch up and I do a million posts at once but I. Love. It :)

Old ones

The countdown.

Corbins farewell is in 11 days. ugh.
Worse... he leaves in 21 days. UGH.
I am SERIOUSLY considering trying to fit myself in his suitcase.
I don't know what I am going to do.
Guess I just have to make it the best 21 days of my life... :(

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just can't get enough

Little Lincoln.
The cutest little dude ever.
We are best friends!
He came to play today and he says the cutest things to me.
He said, "Carli, when I get bigger I am going to marry you, okay?"
Make my freaking heart melt.
He also told me that he loves me this big!
Freaking love it.
We've been doing legos, watching Tarzan, playing Temple Run, and coloring!
I love when he comes to play :)

Go Jazz!

Corbin got 2 tickets to any 3 Jazz games of his choice for his birthday.
Last Saturday night he invited me to go with him  to the Jazz vs. Lakers game.
I was so happy that he invited me.
Out of all of the people he could've taken, he chose ME!!
I just love that boy.
We had so much fun together!
Talked, laughed tons, and saw one AMAZING game!
I am going to miss him so much.
Thanks for the fun date Corb!
I love you!!!

Train show!

Last saturday Brooke and my Dad and I took a few of my little nephews (Lincoln, Carter, and Crew) to the train show!
They LOVED it :)
Little Carter is completely OBSESSED with trains so he couldn't believe it!
I'm so used to playin with the girls all of the time so it was fun to take the boys out for a change.
Little studs.
Love them!


Last saturday my oldest nephew, Rhett, was baptized.
It was such a great experience to be able to attend his baptism.
This boy is such a little stud.
He has always been the sweetest, happiest, smartest, most sensitive little boy.
He is always looking out for others and taking such good care of all the other little kids.
He is such a great example to me.
He has taught me so much about loving and caring.
Love for family, friends, and most of all, a HUGE love for the gospel.
He is so young, yet has such a strong testimony of the gospel and I love that.
I feel so lucky to be his aunt!
I love you Jonathan Rhett!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love today.

20 reasons for loving today:
1. I started my day off bright and early. 5:30. and because I went to bed at a good time last night it actually felt good! for once.
2. I drank orange juice today :) If you know me, you know I don't drink anything at all. And I drank a whole cup! (and to add to it... OJ is healthy!!! yay!!)
3. I went to my favorite Marriage and Family Relations class with my favorite teacher.
4. I sent missionary letters...:) My favorite.
5. I turned in a job application!
6. I made sure to get all caught up on my tithing and other bills. ahhh. feels so good.
7. I got to pick  my two cute little nephews up from their friends house :)
8. I had a super delicious homemade lunch. Tortilla with ham and cheese, celery, and an apple. Yum!
9. I went to the gym with Brooke!! 2nd day in a row. Yes! And it felt soooo great!
10. I came home and had a cute little talk with the twin.
11. I got to go approve of a BEAUTIFUL dress for sweethearts!!!
12. I got to visit my cute little nieces and nephew and have a fabulous talk with my sister-in-law.
13. I had a fun chat with my momma.
14. Brooke and Lincoln and Carter came to visit! Always my favorite :)
15. I got to go to an enrichment class with my mom and learn to make lots of cute things out of jars.
16. I went and got panda for the fam and had to wait for 20 minutes for them to make more food because they were seriously out of EVERYTHING!!! and while waiting I got a lovely make-out show from and adorable couple near by. gag. Seriously people??
17. I listened (and sang) to the Tarzan soundtrack. My favorite thing EVER 
18. Ate dinner with the cute family and watched the news.
19. Read scriptures.
20. And now... time for bed! :)
Today was definitely a success!! Hope you all had a great day as well :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Exercise time!!

I am so out of shape.
SO out of shape.
And because of that, I decided that today was the day to start changing that.
Brooke, my sister, has a pass to lifetime fitness and with a pass you can take a guest with you every two months.
I wanted to try it out because I have heard amazing things about that place.
Amazing would  be an understatement for this gym.
It was insane!!!
So freaking nice.
We went this morning and it felt so great to work out again!
I am quite positive that I am going to die tomorrow...but hey! something HAS to happen!
I am not likin the looks of this body these days.
Then, to add to this exercising day, I went to zumba tonight!!!!
I am pretty sure that zumba is THEE GREATEST thing EVER.
I love it.
If you haven't tried it, I HIGHLY recommend it! And while you're at it, go take a tour of lifetime ;)
Anyway, I am feeling pretty good. Tired. But good.
We'll see how much I am liking all of this tomorrow! ha!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5 weeks.

I hate that I am counting this.
I have been trying to avoid it and pretend it's not happening but it is SO CLOSE!!!
5 weeks from now... I will be sad. So sad :(
Corb will be gone.
But I will also be grateful. So grateful.
For his willingness to serve.
Here's to the best 5 weeks ever!
I love you corb!!

Weekend in Logan.

Have I mentioned that I. LOVE. LOGAN???
Everything about it.
This last weekend I went to Logan with my mom and sister and her two little boys to visit my other sister and some friends.
We got there Friday at about 6, got our hotel room, went and picked Lauren up, took her stuff back to the hotel room and went to dinner.
We went to Cafe Sabor for dinner and it was delicious!
Laurens cute roommate Tish came with us and my adorable cousin, Becca, that just recently got back from a mission also met us there. 
After dinner we went back to the hotel and Erica and her roommates and a few West Jordan friends came and picked me up and we went to a party!!
The institute rented out a whole gym and everyone go to go play!
You could play in the gymnastics gym, volleyball, swimming, basketball, tennis, four square, zumba (love it) and lots of other stuff.
It seriously was the best and made me SOOOOO excited to move away!
I met a lot of way sweet people and saw some good old friends from way back when. 
After the party we went back to Erica's apartment for a sec and then they took me back to the hotel. 
So fun! Thanks for letting me come play again, friends!!
Saturday we slept in, ate breakfast, and took our time getting ready.
The two little dudes wanted to leave so we went to a cute little bakery and got donuts and then we went bowling!!! Yes. :)
I get worse everytime but I love it just the same :)
It was the little boys first time bowling and they did so good and LOVED it!
After bowling we did a little shopping and then headed back to Laurens apartment.
We did some crafts with the kids and then watched cars and took naps :)
Lauren made an adorable decoration for me to hang on the wall in my college apartment :) love her.
When everyone was all rested we headed to the Bluebird for a fantastic dinner, took lauren back to her apartment and headed home!
It was such a fun weekend!
I always hate leaving Logan but I love to think that 6 short months I could be moving there...:)
I'll be back to visit shortly!!