Chocolate covered strawberries.                                           Home.                               Memories.
  Honey Bunches of Oats.         Little kids.                     Football games.
                Aggies.                                                                        The Proposal.
                                                                 P.T. Cruisers.
           Roommates.       My apartment.       Tortillas, black beans, cheese, pesto.
The Gospel.                     Missionaries.            Brazil.                 Thialand.             Twin.
                      Preston Paynter.        Movie nights.      Breakfast for dinner.
                                               Clean dishes.                             Fishing.
"Don't you quit. You keep walking.                                   
You keep trying. There is help ahead.                                 
Some blessings come soon, some                                                
come late, and some don't come until               
heaven. But for those who embrace the                    
Gospel of Jesus Christ, they come.          .                                                          
It will be alrigh in the end. Trust God.                                   
And believe in good things to come."               
-Elder Holland                                     
Letters.                                              Shopping.                                                  Long drives.
                  Temples.                   Naps.    Apples and peanut butter.    Grandparents.
     Parents.       Gum.                                                                                                      Clean laundry.
Conference weekend.                                                                                 Pizza.
               Bluebird chicken.                                         Bromley road.
                                            Nieces and Nephews.
         iPhones.                                                      Special needs kids. The Book of Mormon.
Minature golfing.                               Sisters.                                                         Work friends.
Ice cream.                                                                                     Dances.

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