Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The big 19!

Prest turned 19 on May 15th!
You know what that means... Mission!!
We celebrated his birthday by going to breakfast, and partying with his fam!

Birthday boy!

Game face

I modeled his clothes for him :)
He turned his papers in and we all made our guesses! I guesses Brazil if he went out and I think... Michigan if he stayed in. 2 weeks after that, my family took off to California, and of course... he got his mission call the day after we got there! I was super bummed that wasn't able to be there when he opened it but I got a cute video and... MY GUESS WAS RIGHT!!! He got called to the Campinas, Brazil mission. He leaves Oct. 30 to go to the Brazil MTC! Because I couldn't be a part of it, our last night at Disneyland we decided to do a little something for him..

I made all of the pictures black and white (because it was our last night and we all look SO beautiful..) and put them in a long picture frame for him :)
Happy Mission!!

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